What do the Assam eats at morning?

Assamese people eats at 


It is good to know it first, Assamese people call it jalpan as a breakfast.
Assamese one of the famous breakfast is "tea" in the early morning.

Early morning breakfast with Assam tea

Assamese  people one of the famous breakfast or jalpan 

"Komal soul jalpan"

Breakfast with Komal saul

Mush loved breakfast dish compromising of instantly prepared indigenous Assamese rice called "Komal soul"

Fresh curd and jaggery,one can also add a banana 🍌 enhance the taste.

Indigenous variety of aromatic glutinous rice that is cultivated in lower regions of Assam.

Komal Saul rice

It is the latest product from Assam to get the GL or geographical indication tag.

It doesn't need to be cooked in the conventional ways,
To cook this rice,all you have to do is soak the grains in warm water for 10-15 minutes.
It is also soaked overnight and eaten the next day with Either musturd oil and onions or potato mash and pickles.

Assamese regional breakfast or jalpan contains Komal Saul with roasted and ground rice, flattened rice, puffed rice eaten along with sweetened Jaggery, warm milk and curd.

Assamese traditional breakfast or jalpan

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